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Our world is Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property refers to creations of the mind.

IP is everywhere

IP surrounds us in nearly everything we do. It doesn't matter what we do or where we are. We are surrounded everywhere by the fruits of our creativity, by our inventions, by our symbols.

IP is a useful tool

Intellectual Property rights are exclusive rights that grant a legal monopoly on the fruits of your imagination. They can be sold, licensed, pledged as collateral and also enforced on the market against infringers.

The value of Intellectual Property does not lie in the sole value of the exclusivity right. Its true value derives from how your Intellectual Property is actually used in the market.

We are well versed in managing our clients' Intellectual Property and in enhancing its value.

IP is global - We think globally

Intellectual Property protection can be obtained worldwide. Its management can vary on a country-by-country basis.

We devise global strategies with our clients to manage their IP worldwide.

IP protection is a business strategy

Protecting your IP assets is a business strategy, an investment. Investing money and time in an IP asset must be planned with a view to generating growth, competitive advantages and profits for your company. We advise you to invest in your IP with this vision in mind.

Everybody wants IP, do you?

Intellectual Property creates competitive advantages for innovative and free thinking companies. Both start-up companies and major businesses strengthen themselves with us on the market everyday by means of enforceable IP assets.

IP means fair competition

The aim of Intellectual Property protection is to encourage research and the development of new products and services, foster legitimate trade and protect the interests of individuals and companies.

In other words, Intellectual Property engenders fair competition and sets a legal framework for a genuine market.

This means that, before entering a market, an entrepreneur must be sure not to infringe any IP right legitimately owned by others. We therefore assist you in assessing your freedom to operate respecting the Intellectual Property assets of third parties.